Thursday, 30 August 2012

Amy WineHouse Ex-Husband To Be A Father Again!!!!

It would be his second time, Amy Winehouse ex-husband is going to become a father.

Blake Fielder-Civil, spent to years as an husband of late super star Amy, is now expecting nother child with girlfriend Sarah Aspin, the mother of his 15-month-old son, Jack. 

She tells Britain's Reveal magazine, "I don't agree with abortions, but I couldn't help but think that being on my own with two children, while I was grieving, could be too much to deal with.

"But I thought that I had Blake's life inside me - and there was no way I was going to get rid of it..."

Aspin told her partner the happy news shortly after he came out of his coma: "I whispered it in his ear and even though he was really weak, he smiled." 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Winehouse ex-husband in coma after organ failure!!!

Amy Winehouse Ex-Husband Blake Fielder has been hospitalized and is in coma after the failure of multiple organ.

Mother of Amy Winehouse has insists her daughter's fans to pray for her ex-husband who is fighting for his life after an apparent drink and drugs binge..

Mitch said it was "terrible news". Writing on Twitter, he added: "Remember Amy loved him. Let's pray for his recovery."

Fielder was one of the chain drug addict guy and a recovering drug addict, had gone out drinking with a friend the previous day and Aspin, who is mother to his 15-month-old son, said she believed he might have taken an illicit substance.

Aspin, 34, who met Winehouse's former husband in rehab three years ago, told the Sun: "The doctors said they put him in a coma to help him and due to infection. I'm praying he'll survive, but I'm having to prepare myself that he may never wake up."

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Winehouse's Goddaughter Pays Tribute On First Anniversary Of Her Death!!!

A moving tribute to the late singer on the first anniversary of her death has been penned by Amy Winehouse's goddaughter Dionne Bromfiel.

On 23rd July 2011, last year in London she was found death at her home, and teen singer Bromfield took to her account in the early hours of Monday (23Jul12) in Britain to remember her godmother. 

In a post, she writes, "I believe in angels the kind that heaven sends... Amy you are surrounded by angels who are your friends. Its been a year since you left and I still think about you everyday.

"I might not show emotion in public but i just love and miss you in my own special way, like when we were alone together. I think of your face and tears roll from my eyes, you were my inspiration, my mentor, my biggest fan my one true confidante... you were my world.

"I know your (sic) in a better place and you were to (sic) young to die that is what hurts so much. God broke our hearts to prove he took the best. God gave you a special gift as sweet as can be your own precious angels to watch over you (sic)."

She adds, "There is one thing thats plain to see, that one day we will meet again until then you will always remain in my heart as I write this I sit and cry remembering the good times and the last time we were together. The fun we had and you dancing on stage with me, the big hug and kisses you gave me.

"No matter what people say to me you were the best! you had a heart of gold with so much kindness sometimes I pinch myself and wish you would come back. I will never forget you! Amy you are my best friend, I love you so much."

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mitch Winehouse is writting a book about Amy Winehose's life story

Mitch Winehouse is writting a book about Amy Winehose's life story, its titled “Amy, My Daughter”

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The British singer died in July, and the exact cause of death is still under investigation.

Book by Random House, will be released in the summer of 2012.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation, according to reports received from the sale of the book will receive.

A representative
for Random House instantly reached for comment can not be.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Late Amy Winehouse honoured by the Brit School

Late singer Amy Winehouse honoured by the Brit School where she studied as a teenager.

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The star in July this year, was found dead at home in London but will receive a posthumous honour as bosses there believe she is the most successful alumni.

The star studied there when she was younger along with other stars such as Leona Lewis, Billie Piper, Adele and Jessie J.

The school celebrates 20th anniversary and the new research found that Winehouse's track Back to Black was voted the most popular song released by a former pupil of the school.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Amy Winehouse wants to marry her boyfriend Reg Traviss, befor death

Amy Winehouse before the untimely passing, she was wants to marry her boyfriend Reg Traviss, it has been revealed.

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The late singer's heartbroken fiance revealed that Winehouse had discussions about walking down the aisle again.

Contactmusic quoted him as telling The Sun, "We had spoken about getting married. She had spoken to members of my family about it. It is something that was going to happen".

Traviss such a horrible news he received of the death of his fiancee said, as he was preparing to escort her to a friend's wedding on July 24, the day she had passed away.

He said, "I had appointments on Saturday morning - normal things. A haircut, pick up shoes and my suit for the wedding. I was thinking it was a bit strange she hadn't called".

"As I left the hairdresser, I saw I had a missed call from Amy's security guy. She was always misplacing her phone, so I thought she had probably just borrowed his. When I got to the office I rang and spoke to the security guy.

"He just said, 'Reg. Something terrible has happened'. You could tell in his voice. He said, 'You better get here straight away'. And that was it. I dropped everything and went," he added.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Amy Winehouse worried father said, "it’s what she’d have wanted"

Amy Winehouse worried father said, "it’s what she’d have wanted" to give the mourners of his late daughter's clothes.

Her's father Cabbie Mitch stunned the crowd pop diva at home textiles, jewelry and trinkets, which they initially distributed with an eye toward holding emerged.

the Sun quoted him as saying while handing out some of her clothes in the street, “These are Amy’s T-shirts. This is what she would have wanted - for her fans to have her clothes”.

Mitch went to the house with his family the ‘Back to Black’ singer’s mum Janis, 56, and her brother Alex in Camden, North London.

However, her most cherished family items, including books and the guitar is kept.